NX 1 Invision Appliance Ihiji INV APP 750

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NX 1 Invision Appliance Ihiji INV APP 750



Important: The Ihiji APP-750 has been renamed as the Pakedge NX-1 Invision Appliance. The NX-1 is available only to dealers with active Ihiji Invision accounts. At this time, no new dealer accounts for Invision will be created while we develop the combined Ihiji + BakPak management platform.

The Ihiji APP-750 Invision Appliance can now be purchased under its new name, the Pakedge NX-1 Invision Appliance.  

To make it easier for you to add monitoring to every project, we’re simplifying the pricing structure of the NX-1 Invision Appliance. With new, simplified pricing, the monitoring license is now included in the cost of the NX-1, lowering the total cost of remote monitoring and management to a one-time hardware purchase. The NX-1 is now the same price you would have paid for the hardware plus a one-year Invision subscription prior to the acquisition.

The NX-1 delivers the Ihiji Invision cloud platform, a powerful and modern approach to remotely managing your network infrastructure. Invision is a simple and secure cloud-based remote network management solution that provides increased capabilities to detect, diagnose, and resolve network issues, increasing proactive service capabilities while reducing truck rolls.

Invision allows you to remotely monitor the status of all of your clients’ networks and IP devices from a centralized dashboard. Quickly identify every IP-connected device on your client’s network remotely, receive status alerts for your monitored devices, and proactively resolve issues.

The NX-1 is a palm-sized appliance that connects to the router for a secure connection into your client’s network. The NX-1 offers 1 Gbps WAN-to-LAN throughput, seamless setup process, and zero maintenance, and also supports an unlimited number of IP-connected devices.


Invision cloud platform


Your technicians can remotely monitor the status of all of your clients’ networks and IP devices. The customized dashboard shows all connected networks you are managing. Red, yellow, or green status indicators make it simple.


Receive an email and an SMS text, or even create a connection with your call ticket system. Specify which network and device errors will prompt your technicians to receive an immediate alert and identify issues even before your customer experiences a problem.


Secure remote access lets you troubleshoot with the customer over the phone so you can know exactly what is causing the problem. You just saved a truck roll. Even when a truck roll is unavoidable, you will know ahead of time exactly which tech and which parts to send and how long the service will take.


With Invision, you can monitor anything with an IP address on the network. For many of these devices, Invision will also let you tunnel into each of the device manufacturer’s control panels or portals using ConnectNinja Remote Access. Reboot a device, power cycle specific ports, and configure specific device settings. User access to all of the many devices you are managing can now be managed through a single user login.



  • Reduced complexity for any network
  • Eliminate up to 90% of customer service calls
  • Improve responsiveness and productivity
  • Simple and secure remote access—no VPN required
  • Single dashboard for easy access multiple sites
  • Proactive network management tool
  • Visibility into LAN/WAN performance
  • Notifications of customer issues
  • Powerful reporting
  • Simplified configuration
  • Enables network managed services
  • No servers required


  • Remote network dashboard
  • Secure, on-demand remote access
  • Geographic view of client sites
  • Simplified device profiles
  • Granular user permissions
  • Site and device health status monitoring
  • Network topology documentation
  • IP network scan with auto discovery
  • Internet speed testing
  • Internet outage alerts
  • Consolidated IP power management  
  • PDU and UPS outlet resets
  • PoE port resets
  • ICMP ping checks
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Configurable status alerts
  • Daily digest: one email per day
  • Performance and WAN status reporting
  • Detailed executive reports
  • Invision mobile app


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